Holiday Team Building Getaway in New York City

The holiday season is a great time for a holiday team building getaway, and a great activity to host for team members is an international food scavenger hunt that takes place throughout the five boroughs of the city. Think about it!

Here’s how it works. Break your team up into smaller teams. Then put pieces of paper with different city locations, such as Chinatown, Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, the Korean community on Manhattan’s east side, the Greek neighborhoods in Astoria, the Polish community in Greenpoint, and the Russian neighborhood in Brighton Beach, and have each team select one of the pieces of paper.

When they each have their specific location, they can set out on their international food scavenger hunt.

A Holiday Team Building Getaway in New York CityPut a Plan into Action

Members of each team can meet to determine what international delights they want to gather for this holiday team building getaway. They can research the foods of the nationality they have selected to determine which items they want to seek out during their quest. The lists they will compile will have endless possibilities: dumplings, kimchi, perogies, borscht, eggplant, stuffed grape leaves, etc.

Once team members decide on the food items that they want to gather, they can determine the best locations for their quest. Most neighborhoods have stores that are known for their unique international cuisine. Team members should also decide how they are going to get to their destination. Remind them that they might want to use the cheapest form of transportation available, as their travel costs will be deducted from their food budget.

Provide each team with a limited budget, and let the shopping begin for this holiday team building getaway.

Presenting the Bounty of the Holiday Team Building Getaway

Provide team members with a specific amount of time for their buying spree, and when all of the culinary purchases have been made, have them meet in a designated area where they can plate and present the many delights they have gathered. The international buffet that is presented will surely tantalize the taste buds of everyone involved. Be sure that team members explain why they have chosen specific food items to represent their assigned nationality.

This holiday team building getaway is a relaxing way for team members to collaborate and share in new delights as they celebrate the holidays. Nothing warms the spirit better than a delicious bounty of food.