Team Building Challenges for Christmas

Team Building Challenges for Christmas

Christmas is a great time for your team to partake in team building challenges. Team members will appreciate a chance to do something enjoyable and challenging that will spread the holiday spirit.
Most offices provide a Christmas tree during the holiday season, but for a twist, why not have your team members actually build and decorate the office Christmas tree? This is one of those team building challenges that will test the team’s abilities to both coordinate and create.

Designing the Tree

When you use this task as one of your holiday team building challenges, the team must first work together to plan and design the type of tree they want to build. If they want to build a more conventional tree, they can use something like a painted pole or PCV pipe as the trunk, and they can then decide how they will make and attach the branches to the trunk. For instance, they could use wire hangers to make branches and colored pipe cleaners of various sizes to fashion the needles.

Your team might forego the more traditional tree and decide to make something a bit less conventional. If they decide on this approach, they could use boxes or cans of various sizes to build a tree in a pyramid type of design.

Decorating the Tree

This is a prime example of how much fun team building challenges can be. Once your team has finished assembling the tree, they can then decide how they are going to decorate it. The team might want to spray paint Styrofoam balls and then decorate them with glitter, ribbons, and sparkles, etc., or they might choose to use a variety of small objects that they can hang from their tree’s limbs. They can also use strings of lights, garland, or crepe paper as decorations. During this part of the activity, provide the team with some holiday refreshments, like hot chocolate or eggnog, Christmas cookies, candy, and popcorn balls.

When the tree is finished, let the team take some time to admire their work and to also discuss what they might have done differently or what they could have done better or more efficiently.

Light-hearted Team Building Challenges

When you are using team building challenges, particularly during the holidays, try to give them a festive twist. Not only will you lift your team’s spirits, but you’ll be providing them with an opportunity to celebrate the season while working together.