Turn Holiday Parties Into Something More Meaningful

Building your team’s sense of “team” can sometimes prove difficult because many employees hardly know each other beyond the water cooler, the cafeteria, or the mandatory Monday team meeting. Sure, we know about Suzie’s dance recitals on Thursdays and Johnny’s teeball games every weekend. Years and years of working in the same office space, or attending the same holiday parties might get your team to where they know one another’s birthdays or spouses names, but a lot of the interaction stops there.

New Kid On The Block

Turn Holiday Parties Into Something More Meaningful
Any new team member typically starts off as the “new kid on the block” – isolated from the rest, and will remain to be so until someone makes the effort to get to know him or her. We’ve all been that new kid at some point, and can remember how alienated you felt, and how hard it was to learn your job until others began including you in the “unofficial” office communication.

When people get to know each other beyond the normal interaction of day-to-day business operations, working together becomes less like work and more enjoyable. Sure, you’re still cranking out widgets, but cranking out widgets alongside someone who you genuinely like and enjoy spending time with makes the day pass much faster. Employees who know, respect and like each other will always be comfortable, even eager, to collaborate and communicate.

Team Silos Can Be Seen At Holiday Parties

If you’ve thrown holiday parties before, you can think about how people bunched up into groups – the same small groups again and again. There’s a high chance that these groups were teams of co-workers who interfaced directly with each other on a daily basis. Accounting – there’s a group. Sales – there’s a group. Engineering, well, there’s a bunch of guys against the wall staring at their shoes (I’m married to one, he chuckled as he proofread this for me).

One of the jobs of any professional team building company is to break down these departmental barriers by random creation of teams through a number of activities. And when people work together towards a charitable goal, experience an “ah-ha” moment together, and laugh together, there’s a high likelihood of them communicating better together when they’re back in the office after the holidays. When Sales is talking to Marketing, and everybody is talking to Engineering for the first time ever – productivity, collaboration, communication, you can play Buzzword Bingo with all of the good things happening.

Is It Work, Or Is It Family?

Happy people make great employees because they maintain a positive attitude while they perform their jobs. When an employee feels that their team is more like family than co-workers, they probably won’t be spending their time searching holiday team building events built around interactive activities will help integrate new people into your workplace, as well as break down those team silos. Employees, on the other hand, will not only appreciate this holiday celebration but also become aware that the event is more than a party, but an effort to help them create new friendships, reinforce existing friendships, and become more cohesive as an organization.