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The Most Awesome Team Building Activities Fill a Void In People’s Hearts

Are you and your colleagues hungry for some really awesome team building activities? Are you feeling empty contemplating another holiday-as-usual? Do you have a craving to do something that will really make a difference in the lives of some of your neighbors? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could fill that void in your hearts by filling a hungry family’s bellies?

Here’s some food for thought: you may be working in the middle of a great metropolis, but you’re probably not very far from a “food desert.” That’s right a food desert–an area with no access to healthy, affordable food. Most of the poorest communities in our country are full of junk food restaurants; and the poor health of the denizens therein attest to the fact that while they may be eating, they’re not being nourished. More than  23 million Americans live in food deserts, and half of them are low-income families.

awesome team building

You and your coworkers can fill this void by filling some of these hungry stomachs with a cornucopia of holiday fare. Our Donate a Dinner Charitable Team Building workshops utilize competition, communication, and collaboration to create synergy among employees and employers; and the reward is one which both the company and members of the community share–the blessing of giving and receiving something that will sustain, nourish, and edify.

The Donate a Dinner workshop is one of the most awesome team building activities in which you’ll ever participate! It’s a veritable feast of fun, fellowship, and team building that will leave each participant full of glad holiday tidings; and at the same time leave them hungry for more–more opportunities to give of themselves. How awesome is that?

Roast turkey and stuffing; heavenly honey-baked ham; pan-seared duck breast or Southern fried chicken; fresh steamed broccoli or brussel sprouts with butter sauce; yummy yams; melt-in-your-mouth rolls; piping hot pasta; delectable cranberry sauce; delicious cakes and pies. Imagine serving up a hot, healthy traditional dinner of meats, vegetables, and dessert to a grateful family.

This sumptuous smorgasbord, along with canned goods, packaged foods, and other non-perishable, nutritious food items for the long term will be donated to  local food banks and social service organizations. Or you can convert the points your team wins during our friendly competitions into cash donations to any 501[c] charity of your choice.

Awesome team building activities are awesome because they fill the hearts of each participant and bless the lives of each recipient. That’s what we call holiday cheer.