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The Best Team Building Events For Millennials

To millennials the best team building events are designed to have a major economic impact and make a major social statement. Case in point:  Millennials have been virtually priced out of the great American dream of the big house and the big cars.  Many of them leave college to face adult life with the crippling burden of school loans, a super competitive job market, and housing prices that are beyond their reach.

In response, they’re making choices that speak volumes about their values and that will inevitably transform our economy. Thousands of them have opted out of the rat race for bigger houses with their bigger mortgages.

best team building eventsMillennials have teamed up to start a movement that’s turned into a burgeoning tiny house real estate market. They are team building to build tiny houses. And while there are only 10,000 houses in the U.S. to date; and indeed, that number may seem tiny [pardon the pun], the social and economic implications could be huge.

Ready or not, Millennials are their own team, and they are going to transform everything wherever they go–including the workplace. They want their office duties to matter beyond the office. They want their teamwork to reach beyond the team. So in their minds, the best team building events make a statement about who they are, what they believe in, and the legacy they want to build.

That’s why charitable team building workshops are so perfect for these socially conscientious employees. They’re more driven to give than they are to receive, and there’s no better time to give than the holidays.

During our Wagon Builders Holiday Team Building Workshop your youthful team can relive favorite moments from their childhoods by assembling a bright red wagon and stuffing it with toys and gifts they’ll donate to a social service organization in your area.

This grateful organization with whom you’ll partner will make sure some low-income children have the happiest holiday they’ve ever had. And your team will have the satisfaction of knowing that they’re also adding some much needed and appreciated stress-relief to parents for whom the cost of gifts and toys is financially out of their reach this year.

Our Mission: Kids Care Charitable Team Building Workshop is another open invitation for these Millennials to open their hearts to some needy kids in your community by helping to stuff their holiday stockings with pens, tablets, calculators, notebooks, backpacks and other school supplies so they can make a fresh start at school after the holidays.

Without a doubt, our charitable workshops will prove to be the best team building events for your Millennial staffers, because they will resonate with their core values. These idealistic young adults are ready and willing to forego big houses, fancy cars, and other material possessions. They are choosing, instead, to live more simply and economically so that they have more of themselves–their time, energy, and resources–to give freely.