The Best Team Activities For Millennial Staffers

In the minds of some people, the best team activities are those in which adrenaline junkies coax their teammates to complete a daunting challenge–you know, just for the thrill of it.

Take the 984 foot long glass bridge spanning a gorge in the Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan, China. Perched 590 feet above ground, it’s the world’s longest glass-bottomed walkway. And because it takes nerves of steel to cross get to the other side, it’s already touted as “hero bridge.”

Just looking at pictures of this bridge can give you vertigo!  Actually crossing it seems unimaginable to most of us. But some people like living life on a tightrope, and for them the best team activities are ones that become feats of daring-do.

While some of us might be tempted to quickly ascribe such reckless bravado to members of the Millennial generation, the truth is that they are neither reckless nor feckless. Indeed, some of these young people might jump at the chance to hop, skip, or run across such a bridge IF doing so supported a higher, nobler cause.

The Millennials in the American workplace are fearless when it comes to stepping out of their comfort zones, particularly, if it means their efforts will improve the quality of life for others. Their adrenaline rush comes when they pull together as a team to make the world a better place. They’re idealistic, altruistic, courageous, and they work for you! That’s the good news!

The great news is that you can harness all of that benevolence and magnanimity, and create some phenomenal goodwill for your company and help some down-on-their-luck neighbors in your community.

The best team activities for Millennials aren’t the one-off, token gestures some companies make during the holidays. These young professionals want their contributions to have staying power. Our WheelCharity Holiday Wheelchair Team Building Workshop is the answer to their heart’s longing! During this lively workshop, participants assemble wheelchairs and adorn them with colorful, whimsical decorations before donating them to a local hospital.

Some teams even drag race their newly constructed wheelchairs through a miniaturized obstacle-course hugging curves, popping wheelies, and having a blast. Their reward: handing off their handiwork to a grateful, disabled neighbor, along with their best wishes for the future.

During the assembly phase, coworkers sharpen their communications skills, learn how to work better with each other, and even develop lasting friendships. At the end of the day, every team member knows that they just invested their time, creative energy, and passion into something that will be around long after the workshop is over.