Team Bonding

Why Millennials Are Naturals at Team Bonding

For Millennials, team bonding is all about engagement. By the year 2020, half the American workforce will consist of whiz kids born between the 1980s and the late 1990s. And forgive the play on words, but Millennials also have the advantage of 2020 hindsight. They watched their parents clamber and creep up the corporate ladder, grasping at promotions, perks, and prestige–all the while sacrificing work-life balance and quality time with the kids. For Millennials this is a no-go. Read more

best team building events

The Best Team Building Events For Millennials

To millennials the best team building events are designed to have a major economic impact and make a major social statement. Case in point:  Millennials have been virtually priced out of the great American dream of the big house and the big cars.  Many of them leave college to face adult life with the crippling burden of school loans, a super competitive job market, and housing prices that are beyond their reach. Read more

The Best Team Activities For Millennial Staffers

In the minds of some people, the best team activities are those in which adrenaline junkies coax their teammates to complete a daunting challenge–you know, just for the thrill of it. Read more

Effective Ideas for Team Bonding that Engage Millennials

If you’re looking for effective ways to engage your Millennial staff,  corporate social responsibility must be incorporated in your ideas for team bonding. If they do, your team building success will soar! Read more