Fun Team Building Ideas for Christmas

The Christmas season is a great time to use fun team building ideas to pull your team together so that they can spread some joy as they celebrate together. You can have team members partake in a variety of activities, from the simple to the elaborate. Here are a few ideas to consider.

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Start Preparing for the Holidays in November

Early November might seem like a premature time to some to start getting ready for the holidays, but those who are super organized and never seem to stress out during the holidays would be the first to tell you it’s never too early to plan. If you aren’t one of those who start your holiday shopping early, don’t despair. There’s plenty you can do right now to get a good head start on the holiday season to be ready. Read more

Get Your Ghoul On with Fun Team Building Activities

Halloween can be a great opportunity to incorporate some fun team building activities into the usual office routine. These activities provide a welcome break from routine and give your team members a chance to mingle and collaborate. Halloween is a popular holiday, and you can use these activities for motivation, pleasure, and to stimulate teamwork. Read more


Charity Themed Holiday Team Building Activity

A holiday team building activity benefits employees AND the company

Motivation is the ultimate goal of these activities, as any employee – no matter how devoted and motivated – will eventually feel caught in a routine that will decrease his or her productivity. Especially as the year is winding down! The holidays are the perfect opportunity for a team building activity, since everyone feels the spirit of the festive season. If you are still searching for a theme for this year’s holiday team building activity, charity is a great choice since it motivates employees to do something meaningful for others.
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Do Holiday Team Building Games Make Memories?

Looking to make your holiday party something to remember? Been trying the same old holiday team building games with no luck?

If you really want to make your holiday party memorable – throw a philanthropic twist into the event. There will still be the usual shenanigans, food, and fun, but you can make it memorable through charity involvement instead of just the same old party. Merriment doesn’t mean it cannot be meaningful. The feeling of giving back to the community, and that “goose bump moment” when the kids come pouring in to receive the bikes or bears or wagons will have your team talking!

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