Team Bonding Ideas

Sharpening the Big Picture Through Visionary Team Bonding Ideas

The best team bonding ideas should mirror the company’s mission statement–sort of like an old school dot-matrix printer. Remember those? Slowly but surely an image was revealed dot-by-dot, line-by-line.The completion of the“big picture” was dependent on each dot.

Now if you’re thinking that there’s no way you could sell this dot-matrix metaphor to your staff, it may  be because most of them were born after laser printing became the norm. Solution: translate your big picture into conceptual language these Gen-Xers and Millennials speak. The point is to make sure they understand that they are one of the “dots” that completes the picture.

Team Bonding IdeasThe goal of the most progressive team bonding ideas is to bring high definition clarity to the company vision and to reveal how each employee can help bring it to fruition. In order to bring it into focus for younger workers, you’ll also need to show them how the company vision reflects their own personal and professional core values.

For them, the question, “Where do I fit into the grand scheme of things?” actually translates to “What’s in it for me?” This may sound mercenary and self-serving, but the truth is that unless this question is answered for each member of the team, they may have difficulty buying in.

Sometimes the best team bonding ideas are the simplest. Want your team to see themselves in the big picture? Let them create one themselves. Our Big Picture Team Building Workshop is the perfect palette.

During a number of carefully structured exercises, they’ll gain insights into the different personality types on your team–including their own–and learn to accept them all. They’ll learn that diversity is not a “four-letter word.” In fact, they may actually develop a genuine appreciation for the benefits of team diversity–including personality, gender, ethnic, and cultural differences.

They’ll embrace problem-solving challenges collaboratively instead of competitively. They’ll be encouraged to brainstorm and unleash their creativity; and in the process, they’ll learn to risk being wrong without feeling emotionally threatened or professionally compromised.  

As a grand finale, they’ll create a collage–a big picture of their success as a synergistic, non-competitive group of peers. It will be a masterpiece representing the fruit of their labors as a cohesive team working together toward a common goal. And they’ll each recognize their individual value to the whole group.
We’ll provide the art supplies, the venue, the expertise, and the enthusiastic support. You’ll provide the willingness to grow and to learn how to work as a team. After a day of personal inspirations and revelations, you may even bond as friends. What an amazing picture that would be!