Team Bonding

It’s One Thing Then Another in Corporate Team Building

Improve All Forms of Communication to Maximize Soft Skills

Corporate team building can be a difficult balancing act. Progress in one area often leads to a drop off in another. Nowhere is this truer than in the area of internal communications. Effective communication between staff members is a crucial part of teamwork, but trade-offs in quality are all too common.

Team BondingHere’s an example. Management decides that confusing emails between staff have decreased productivity. They correct this problem with a seminar on practicing clarity in email communication, and productivity increases for a while. But a few weeks later, management encounters a similar problem in face to face conference meetings.

Staff can’t seem to fix one communication area without damaging another. This is a common problem, but improving staff communication doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game. Employees can be trained to excel in all forms of communication. Here are some of the tools we can implement to help you have it both ways.

Communication And Improving Soft Skills

Management can maximize staff’s individual talents by challenging them to improve their soft skills. This means consistently emphasizing things like collaboration, creativity, and big-picture thinking. Otherwise, overall productivity suffers.

Without the application of soft skills, confusion sets in quickly. The left-hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, so to speak. There are constant redundancies within and between departments, as employees continue to work in their individual bubbles. Fortunately, there are things you can do.

Use Tech to Meet Staff Where They’re At

Technology’s not going way. People love their smartphones and tablets, so use them as tools to engage staff members in team building activities that are both fun and educational. With a smartphone or tablet-centered activities, you give staff who aren’t well-acquainted a safe and easy way to interact.

The premise is actually quite simple. By enhancing their use of gadgets they’re already comfortable with, you can help staff develop soft skills like collaboration, creativity, and big-picture thinking in an entertaining way. Staff work better as a unit after they’ve worked with one another toward a competitive goal.

This is more than just bonding. Teamwork breeds further teamwork, and the right programs can lead to tangible results. They encourage staff from different departments to think creatively and problem solve as a unit.

For Corporate Team Building, Balance is Key

Good team building always involves strategies that improve face-to-face communication. Integrating technology with personal communication and physical activity can really help. Cross-channel activities help bridge the distances technology can place between employees.

Improving communication and collaboration skills is not an either/or proposition. Always strive to find the perfect mix of the technological and the personal. After that, your staff will have all the tools necessary for effective communication and corporate team building.

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