How Intention Fuels Your Leadership Development Goals

Intention drives effectiveness, and your leadership development goals can be powered by healthy doses of both.  But how can you make your words and actions bring you closer to your goals?

Leadership Development Goals

 Here’s how to incorporate daily doses of intention so you reach your goals faster.

  1. Your leadership development goals should serve your intention.

    Intention is really just another word for “purpose”.  If you have a clear vision that’s purpose-driven then you will be more likely to use that intention to fuel your effectiveness at work.

    For example, if one of your leadership development goals is to empower your team, then all your actions and words should support that notion.  For example, are you letting them make important decisions on a big project?  Or are you taking control and wielding the power given you with an iron fist and demanding everyone simply follow?

  2. Goals and intentions can sometimes be two very different things.

    You can say your goal is to empower your team, but if your intention doesn’t match, your words and actions will eventually give you away.

    When our words and our actions and decisions are based on our true intent, that’s authentic leadership.  And of course it’s far more productive and effective than when the case is otherwise!

    Here’s an even simpler explanation of how leadership development goals are best served when the intention is real.  Try this little brain exercise: think of something you do every single day, and have done for years.  Eating lunch, taking a break, whatever.  These are habitual actions, most likely.

    Let’s say you take a short break every afternoon.  Think about that break: why do you take one?  What’s the purpose?  What do you hope will come out of taking the break?

    Now examine what you’re doing on your breaks every day.  Do those activities serve your purpose?  In other words, does it accomplish your intention 100%?  Not at all, or partly?

    If your breaks aren’t satisfying the goals you have for these breaks, then rework how you’re taking breaks.  If your intention is to refresh your brain, then find a different break activity that serves that purpose.

    Meditation?  Walking?  Power nap?  Try the new options for a few days and see how it feels to break with the power of intention.  The difference you feel is the power of intention.

    Team building comes in many forms, and leadership development goals play a huge role in leading great teams.  Want to learn more?  We have a full menu of corporate team building workshops, as well as a leadership program our clients love.  Give us a call!