Host a Chili Competition for Holiday Party Team Building

Host a Chili Competition for Holiday Party Team Building

Hosting a chili competition for your team members is a fun and tasty holiday party team building idea. Not only will team members have an opportunity to plan, collaborate, and create together, but the reward at the end will fill the belly, especially on a cold winter day.

Let the Cooking Begin

Host a Chili Competition for Holiday Party Team BuildingFor this holiday party team building competition, break your team up into smaller teams. Find a large conference room or vacant work space, and provide every team with a set of rules, a hot plate, various ingredients, a pot, knives, and any other materials they might need to create a great chili recipe and then a warming pot of chili.

Of course, all of the team members might not be cooks, but members can choose from various responsibilities and roles, such as slicing and dicing. Every team has the same amount of time to make a pot of chili for this holiday party team building feat.

The Proof is in the Tasting

The first step for each team will be to create a recipe with their given ingredients, experimenting with a variety of flavors and ingredients. As the pots of chili are being made, each team should keep track of successes and mistakes throughout the endeavor. As the chili is simmering, the members of each team should collaborate to create a campaign to pitch the tantalizing pots of chili. They can be as creative as they want to be, developing a sales pitch, or maybe a chili song, or chef hats with logos.

When the competition comes to a close, chosen judges will decide which pot of chili is, indeed, the best. Keep in mind that flavor is only one component. Creativity and culinary ingenuity should also be considered.

A Tasty End for a Holiday Party Team Building Competition

Provide plenty of spoons, bowls, and bread or crackers for the tasty end of this holiday party team building competition. Team members should be encouraged to try a variety of the chili dishes that are presented.

While team members are feasting on their creations, take some time to have them discuss what part of the competition went well for them and what aspects of it presented more of a struggle. Also, give team members a chance to share the ingredients that each team used when cooking up their pots of chili. Some team members just might want to create a few of the masterpieces at home.