Group Activities For Team Building: Holiday Fun With A Purpose

Right now you probably don’t know whether to stuff the office turkey with candy corn or trim the tree down in the lobby with goblins and spider webs. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas have begun to lose their meaning, melting into one big holiday glob. With the right group activities for team building, your company can find some light at the end of that Halloween funhouse tunnel-cum-Thanksgiving banquet table-cum-Christmas punch bowl.

Group Activities For Team Building: Holiday Fun With A Purpose

Sometimes the easiest way to refresh your perspective on your own situation is to look at someone else’s. You and your colleagues spend day in and day out riveted to professional goals, benchmarks and deadlines that can skew your priorities and drain your energy. A holiday office party turned fundraiser, spending a day building bikes for needy kids, or pooling your talents to assemble a wheelchair for a disabled veteran –now those are group activities for team building that deliver more than their planned objectives.

Raising money for charity can be mundane, but when you get to put it directly into someone’s grateful hands, it becomes personal – even noble. Building a bike or a wheelchair for someone can widen your social horizon. It’s a transformative experience.

The cop on the beat and the volunteer fireman at the station near your office would probably appreciate your help with their charitable donations during this holiday season. Reach out! Find out what’s important to them and put that on your agenda as well.

Throw a holiday office party with a cause or band together with your fellow staff members and make the Hallo-Giving-Mas season different by making a substantive difference in the lives of people who need support and care. Your New Year will look a lot brighter and more meaningful if you do.

Happy Holidays!

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