Finding a Happy Medium for Corporate Bonding

Jack and Jill are like oil and water in your corporate bonding strategy.  Super-salesman, Jack is a capital-D Dominant in overdrive. To Jack, Jill is a pill. To everyone else, she’s just quiet and meticulous like every other Compliant, data-driven manager on your team. Jack and Jill don’t mix well.

They make corporate bonding virtually impossible; and even worse, they make everybody else uncomfortable. What to do? What you need is a happy medium that will make it easier for Jack, Jill, and the rest of the crew to come together, work together, and stay together as a t-e-a-m!

Corporate bonding

Corporate bonding requires a bonding agent. A bonding agent is a medium or material that makes things stick together. Remember the resin your dentist used to make the filling stick to your tooth? Properly mixed and applied, the bonding agent healed the breach, and made it possible for you to eat without pain or discomfort.

One of the most effective corporate bonding agents available is charitable team building workshops. We can coordinate an event during which you and your assorted employees will work together on a charitable project which will help pull you together; heal the breach; and make it possible for you to work without pain or discomfort.

But the prelude to this grand event is a simple, but powerful tool called the DiSC personality profile. DiSC stands for Dominant, Influencing, Steady, and Compliant. These four attributes describe the primary personality types you’ll find yourself contending with at work; and DiSC profile training can teach your how to work with this disparate, idiosyncratic assortment of mixed nuts, and transform them into a cohesive team.

By understanding what makes a Dominant like Jack tick, you will be better able to draw on his strengths; support his efforts to shore up his weaknesses; and help him understand his coworkers. DiSC personality leadership facilitates corporate bonding through empathy, patience, and compassion. It can make Compliant Jill, [your polar opposite], easier to understand, accept, and work with.

DiSC personality training doesn’t teach you how to make people change. It helps you accept them and bring out the best in them just as they are. And where professional development and personal growth are needed, you will be able to provide positive support and assurance; instead of subjecting them to the threat of dismissal if they don’t “buck up their ideas,” as your British counterparts would say.

Understanding and acceptance are the bonding agents you need in order to achieve the level of corporate bonding you’ve always sought. This starts with DiSC personality profile training and then charitable team building workshops.