Emphasize Team Bonding by Throwing a Holiday Buffet

Emphasize Team Bonding by Throwing a Holiday Buffet

Many occasions throughout the year provide a great opportunity to work on team bonding, and Christmas is no exception. Instead of having the usual Christmas party, consider throwing a holiday buffet to emphasize team bonding while team members pull together a festive holiday feast. Not only will your team members have a chance to coordinate and collaborate, at the end of the exercise they will have time to break bread and celebrate together.

Define Holiday Teams

Emphasize Team Bonding by Throwing a Holiday BuffetMeet with your team as a whole, and have them break down into smaller teams, including a Decorating Team, Entrée Team, Appetizer Team, Side Dish Team, Dessert Team, and Beverage Team. Let team members choose which team they want to belong to, and then provide each team with a budget. Tell them that you will provide serving racks and utensils, as well as Sterno to keep the dishes warm. Remind the team members that their focus should be on creating a delectable holiday feast.

The Decorating Team is responsible for decorating the banquet room with Christmas decorations, such as streamers, garland, ornaments, holly, and candles. That team is also responsible for table cloths, tableware, and table decorations.

The Entrée Team must provide three different meat dishes. The Appetizer and Side Dish Teams are each responsible for four dishes, as is the Dessert Team. The Beverage Team will provide a minimum of four different types of beverages, not including coffee. You will need to set the parameters in regards to whether or not alcohol is served.

Let the Fun Begin

Now that the various teams have their assignments and respective budgets, the team bonding can begin. Each team can decide how to approach their tasks and exactly what they want to provide. Team members might decide to prepare some dishes on their own at home and acquire other dishes through various caterers or stores. The teams are also responsible for making sure all of the food is in place at the designated banquet time. If all goes well, they should find themselves coming together at the end for a savory feast.

An Added Twist

You can add an extra twist to this team bonding exercise by making it an international feast if your staff is diverse. Team members might be able to bring the flavors of Asia, Mexico, India, Greece, and a variety of other countries to the banquet. If you implement this added twist, have each team member tell the team about the dish and the dish’s importance to that country.

Team Bonding at its Best

By using various approaches to team bonding, you can offer your team members fun alternatives with unique rewards. Team members will appreciate the diversity, and each new approach will allow them to focus on different aspects of team bonding and team building.