Customization is Core of Success

Customization is more than planning a program around an organization’s objectives. It’s a deeper dedication that carries through the relationship until the conclusion of the event. Our goal is to deliver an event that’s tailored to our client’s needs and expectations, regardless of what it takes to achieve it.

Over the years, our program leaders and facilitators have worked with a wide variety of groups in all kinds of venues. We feel like we’ve seen just about everything. But instead of making us jaded, we’re grateful for the experiences that have allowed us to hone our flexibility, creativity, and adaptability. These are the skills that allow us to provide customized service to our client, no matter the circumstances.


Before any assessment can be made about the success of an event, it needs to have run smoothly. Our teams have years of experience in facilitating team building events and are skilled in modifying programs on the fly – expanding them or shortening them as needed. Despite the best of plans, sometimes speakers will run over or not show up for some reason, or other extenuating circumstances could affect how much time our team has to lead a segment of the day. We know which icebreakers can be swapped for something shorter. And we’re aware of what parts of longer programs can be changed or skipped without affecting the goal of the activity.

For example, there was a team building challenge that included Wagon Builders™ event. Typically, groups split up into teams and complete challenges to ‘earn’ the tools they’ll need to build a wagon and the associated parts. This time, the celebrity guest speaker in the previous session went beyond the allotted time. The participants were highly engaged and thrilled to have some extra time during which their questions were answered.

But then we had to figure out a way to run the same event in half the time. So instead of teams earning individual tools, it was arranged so that teams won tools by the set and wagon parts in pairs. We halved the number of challenges and still were able to produce 25 wagons for families in need. Participants gained hands-on experience exactly as planned, and it all went off without a hitch.


Achieving the stated objectives of the event is key. And creativity is what puts that objective within reach. Our team can modify programs spatially, mechanically or otherwise, in terms of changes in square footage, missing supplies, etc. Our leaders have a great deal of experience carrying out all kinds of programs, from icebreakers to team building exercises and stable of regular charity team building events. We’ve worked in rooms large and small, and rooms that were booked as large but turned out to be quite small!

Here’s a good example of our creativity at work:

Puttin’ Pantry™ is one of our most popular charity team building programs. Several years ago, we worked with a group that wanted assistance with conflict resolution skills. They hoped this event might help folks learn new and effective patterns of communication. No one was more shocked than we were when it turned out the box of toy putters was misplaced by the venue’s team setting up the event.

Our team rose to the occasion though – fortunately for us, it was a rainy day, so folks pitched in when we asked them to and loaned us their umbrellas. There were enough folks with full-size umbrellas that we could use them as stand-in putters when they were closed up. The event went off without a hitch (other than that). The organization had an additional level of teamwork (and humor – it was pretty funny to see everyone playing putt putt with umbrellas!) to bond over before the day was through.


Adaptability is a core element to customization in that our team is able to take last-minute changes in stride. We also help your team do the same. We are goal-oriented, and as such, we keep our focus on the end result. By demonstrating calm and helping others adjust to unexpected changes, we can smooth over conflict. Our staff also models empathy and strong interpersonal skills in real-world situations.

One time, the venue had booked two groups in the room for the same date and time. It could have been a disaster. However, we were able to work with the venue staff and the other group’s coordinators. We arranged for shared usage of the space, with a little juggling of the schedule. We came back to our client with a solution. Our client’s goals were still forefront and achievable in the time allotted. We were also able to roll it into an on-the-fly team building activity, so it was really win-win for the participants, too. There was nothing more satisfying for our team than overcoming a significant challenge and still meeting our clients’ goals and expectations for the event. And that client has come back to us year after year!

Customization is Key

It’s one thing to plan a team building program that speaks to the needs of a group, and it’s another to carry it out. Our facilitators demonstrate the flexibility, creativity, and adaptability necessary to deliver an event that’s customized as needed, on the spot. Our goal is to help your team meet its objective. Any tinkering we need to do to make that happen is part of our service to you, the client.