Christmas Holiday Team Building Activities

The Christmas season is a wonderful time to have a holiday dessert buffet for one of your Christmas holiday team building activities. This is a season best known for its treats and traditions, and this is one of those Christmas holiday team building activities that will bring both of those to the forefront.

Prepare the Buffet

Christmas Holiday Team Building ActivitiesSelect a date for your holiday dessert buffet, and let your team members know this will be one of their Christmas holiday team building activities. Ask each team member to sign up and volunteer to bring in a favorite family holiday treat. Also ask each team member to write up a description of the treat they will bring in, including why it is a family favorite, and the origins of the dessert. Did the recipe come from your Polish great grandmother?

Each team member should also provide copies of the recipe for whoever might want to take it home. Keep in mind as you use this for one of your Christmas holiday team building activities that some team members might not celebrate Christmas. Be sure to involve those team members as well by having them bring in a traditional dessert from the religious or spiritual holiday that they do celebrate. This makes this activity a universal learning experience for everyone who is involved.

Feast on the Delights

Be sure to prepare a conference ahead of time by decorating it and providing tables with table cloths. Also be sure to have plenty of plates and napkins on hand, as well as some holiday refreshments, like egg nog, punch, hot chocolate, or mulled wine. When the time for feasting arrives, have all of the team members gather around the tables with the desserts on display.

Give each team member a chance to share the description that he or she wrote, and then let team members take some time to enjoy each other’s culinary gifts. When everyone has had enough time to indulge, have the team members take a short quiz to see who remembers the most about each dessert and particular aspects of it or the person who brought the dessert in, and give a gift card to the three team members who receive the highest quiz score.

Christmas Holiday Team Building Activities

Using this as one of your Christmas holiday team building activities will give team members a chance to share something personal as they bond over the different Christmas edibles. Nothing spreads holiday cheer better than holiday sweets!

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