How Intention Fuels Your Leadership Development Goals

Intention drives effectiveness, and your leadership development goals can be powered by healthy doses of both.  But how can you make your words and actions bring you closer to your goals? Read more

Community Building Activities Were Made for the Holidays

No other time of the year is tailor-made for community building activities like the holiday season. No matter the weather or the region in which you live, the holidays set a celebratory and festive tone for all comers. They engender a warmth of heart and a generosity of spirit that inspire people to give! Read more

Finding a Happy Medium for Corporate Bonding

Jack and Jill are like oil and water in your corporate bonding strategy.  Super-salesman, Jack is a capital-D Dominant in overdrive. To Jack, Jill is a pill. To everyone else, she’s just quiet and meticulous like every other Compliant, data-driven manager on your team. Jack and Jill don’t mix well. Read more