How Self Acceptance Can Make Bonding Exercises Fun

It’s holiday season! Time for the obligatory office parties, happy hours, gift exchanges, and other torturous bonding exercises. Oh the horror! If bonding exercises feel more like bondage to you, maybe it’s time to take a moment for some serious reflection and self-evaluation. No! There’s nothing wrong with you. But there may be something going on that makes these company team building events feel wrong for you. Read more

Going the Extra Mile: Why Team Development Exercises for EQ Matter

Today’s companies are fast-paced and require constant change. Many times, it’s easy to feel like you’re “near death” as surprises from coworkers, supervisors, customers, and others come at you fast and furious. But like Indy 500 drivers, knowing how to keep your cool in a crisis by developing and flexing a strong EQ or emotional quotient, can help you survive to drive another day. High-quality team development exercises can help. Read more

Customization is Core of Success

Customization is more than planning a program around an organization’s objectives. It’s a deeper dedication that carries through the relationship until the conclusion of the event. Our goal is to deliver an event that’s tailored to our client’s needs and expectations, regardless of what it takes to achieve it. Read more

Building a team

Building a Team On a Foundation of Charity

Like any other kind of construction, building a team requires careful planning, a well drafted blueprint, and available expertise in a variety of disciplines to assure success. The raison d’etre for building a team within a corporation should be reflected in the company’s mission statement. Whether you sell goods or services or both–whatever your business–the clarity with which the mission statement is communicated will help you forge a strong team among individuals who understand their role in bringing the company’s vision to fruition. Read more

Why Charitable Team Building Workshops Are the Best Trust Building Activities

Depending on your age, you may have post-traumatic flashbacks of trust building activities at your first job in which you had to clap the company clap, cheer the company cheer, and sing the company song—all in a feeble attempt to manufacture team spirit and build trust among your fellows. What a nightmare! Read more

Tis the Season for Bonding Exercises

The upcoming holidays are a marathon of glad tidings and bonding exercises, both personal and professional: gift exchanges; office parties; school pageants and concerts; collegiate and professional football tailgating parties; feasts, fun, family, and charitable donations. Read more

The Importance of Team Building: It’s Foundational

The degree to which your company recognizes the importance of team building is in direct proportion to management’s commitment to humanizing the company’s mission.  If the only thing you’re focused on is dollar signs, then frankly, your company is flying blind and you’ll eventually crash. Read more

The Best Team Building Styles Start With Charity

In the good old days, the best team building plans were based on rulership. Managers and supervisors were free to lord over their subordinates with the iron fists of sovereignty. Team building was about cracking a scepter-like whip to make sure the workers toed the line. Read more

Team Activities That Spread Holiday Cheer

During the holidays nothing can boost morale like charitable team activities. It might surprise you to learn that among Millennials–many of whom are just a few years away from receiving their last fashion dolls and action figures–the holidays are as stressful to them as to their parents. Read more

Successful Team Giving Makes For Successful Team Building

What does successful team building mean to you? Kudos for you from your CEOA big promotion? A new penthouse-level office? A bigger company car? An even bigger expense account? When you close your eyes and think about your company, if all you envision are bigger and bigger paychecks, and personal perks, you may need to adjust your lens. Read more