Liven Up Your Holiday Event With Unique Team Building Games

Try some unique team building games this holiday season!

A holiday team building event is a great way to teach your team some new skills while having fun. When properly orchestrated, this learning event doesn’t feel like learning since it’s built into your holiday event and everybody’s already in the holiday mood.

We’ve put together a few of our favorite unique team building games here that really help to build awareness, understanding, and respect for others.
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Holiday Office Team Building Combines Learning with Fun

Holiday office team building is bound to get better results than the same activity scheduled at any other time of the year.

Why is this true? Because the holidays bring a certain mood and air of festivity in people and their environment. Unless they’re related to Ebenezer Scrooge, a holiday office team building event is something employees will actually look forward to with enthusiasm.
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Corporate Holiday Team Building – Motivation and Morale

Holiday parties don’t have to be about getting together for overpriced drinks and hors d’oeuvres. They can be so much more!

Team building activities are focused on promoting motivation and cooperation among team members, and corporate holiday team building adds to that a special meaning – if done right. Around the holiday season, everyone feels filled with the giving spirit, an opportunity that should not be missed by team leaders and managers.
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Charity Team Building – Wagons for the Holidays

There are many unique ways to hold a charity team building event this holiday season that’s one-of-a-kind and not the same old ho-hum holiday party.

Having your team regroup and spending some time unwinding and connecting on a regular basis is important, as this directly impacts how productive your team is throughout the year. With deliberate team building events, you can help your people work together and collaborate with each other in order to overcome obstacles, just as they would do so in an office setting. But the key here is to choose an activity that doesn’t feel like “work”, and in doing so you take their mind off the usual stress that their work brings. One example of a unique activity is building wagons for underprivileged children as a team.
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Charity Themed Holiday Team Building Activity

A holiday team building activity benefits employees AND the company

Motivation is the ultimate goal of these activities, as any employee – no matter how devoted and motivated – will eventually feel caught in a routine that will decrease his or her productivity. Especially as the year is winding down! The holidays are the perfect opportunity for a team building activity, since everyone feels the spirit of the festive season. If you are still searching for a theme for this year’s holiday team building activity, charity is a great choice since it motivates employees to do something meaningful for others.
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Host a Christmas Talent Show as a Team Event

The Charity Holiday Team Building Triangle

A charity holiday team building event is the perfect way to end a year full of hard work and deadline after deadline. It will bring your teams closer to one another and give everyone that “reboot” they need after another year under their belts. After all, your company is only as good as your people, and you need your team excited and re-energized to tackle the upcoming year. Read more

Oh No, Not Another Team Building Event!

If you have a couple minutes, run around your office and take an informal poll. Tell everybody you see that you’re planning a team building event, and take note of the reactions. Chances are, you’ll get mixed reactions based past experiences with other “team building events”. Too often people have been exposed to poorly thought out, poorly orchestrated events with no clear purpose and no positive outcome.

Why not combine the holiday season with some feel-good philanthropy to help shake those negative feelings? You can sneak a team building event into your holiday celebration without people realizing that it’s another one of “those things” until it’s over! Have a great time, shake a negative stereotype, learn something, and help the community all in one!

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Do Holiday Team Building Games Make Memories?

Looking to make your holiday party something to remember? Been trying the same old holiday team building games with no luck?

If you really want to make your holiday party memorable – throw a philanthropic twist into the event. There will still be the usual shenanigans, food, and fun, but you can make it memorable through charity involvement instead of just the same old party. Merriment doesn’t mean it cannot be meaningful. The feeling of giving back to the community, and that “goose bump moment” when the kids come pouring in to receive the bikes or bears or wagons will have your team talking!

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Turn Holiday Parties Into Something More Meaningful

Building your team’s sense of “team” can sometimes prove difficult because many employees hardly know each other beyond the water cooler, the cafeteria, or the mandatory Monday team meeting. Sure, we know about Suzie’s dance recitals on Thursdays and Johnny’s teeball games every weekend. Years and years of working in the same office space, or attending the same holiday parties might get your team to where they know one another’s birthdays or spouses names, but a lot of the interaction stops there.
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Planning Holiday Team Building Events

An event’s chances for success increase tremendously with the amount of planning you do, and team building is no exception. Coming up with occasional events to help build up the camaraderie and closeness of any team is important, because it helps take their mind off the stressful day to day routines of work. Great holiday team building events make the holiday season more meaningful for your employees and you somehow help them get their groove on as a team. But it all boils down to planning, and here are a few tips you can use.
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