Think Big with Holiday Team Building Workshops

Think Big with Holiday Team Building Workshops

As the holidays approach, you are likely making plans for your company’s upcoming celebration. Perhaps you are thinking of the perfect decorations, the best music to play and even the speech you should give about how hard everybody has worked over the past year. Many people believe that creating a fun party for employees builds a bond and helps people see the human side of everyday operations. This is certainly true! However, this year consider a fresh approach at building trust and reducing stress in your company by hosting a holiday team building workshop. Make a commitment to your company to go in a modern direction that could very well change your entire company’s dynamic.

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Group Activities For Team Building: Holiday Fun With A Purpose

Group Activities For Team Building: Holiday Fun With A Purpose

Right now you probably don’t know whether to stuff the office turkey with candy corn or trim the tree down in the lobby with goblins and spider webs. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas have begun to lose their meaning, melting into one big holiday glob. With the right group activities for team building, your company can find some light at the end of that Halloween funhouse tunnel-cum-Thanksgiving banquet table-cum-Christmas punch bowl.

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Team Building For Charity: Step Up And Putt Up

Whoever suggested that you “give until it hurts” obviously didn’t understand the true meaning of giving, and if you’ve ever been involved in team building for charity, you know what I mean. Giving rocks! It’s wonderful! And it can be fun! Take our amazing Puttin Pantry™ Holiday Team Building Workshop, for example. No pain, just gain – gaining the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a needy family and enjoying the journey.

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Team Building Activities For Charity Finding Your Place In The Big Picture

Team Building Activities For Charity: Finding Your Place In The Big Picture

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the holiday season can become a blur of activity at the end of which you’re overstuffed and overtired. In the grand scheme of things, what does it all mean? What about the big picture? Where do you fit in? Some people struggle to answer that question with a guilt-ridden list of New Year’s resolutions. In the workplace, the answer may lie in team building activities for charity like a Big Picture Holiday Workshop.

Imagine a fun, ice-breaking exercise that helps you get to know your colleagues and redefines where and how you fit in. At a Big Picture Holiday Workshop you and your co-workers can create a holiday collage that does just that.

Team Building Activities For Charity Finding Your Place In The Big PictureYour Piece of the Puzzle

Connecting the dots and fitting all the puzzle pieces together.  These aren’t just clichés, they’re important strategies to create synergy among co-workers. It might be a spreadsheet or an item from your desktop – not your virtual desktop, the one in your cubicle or office. Whatever your contribution to the montage, it will tell part of the story of your life at work and of your relationships with your co-workers. It will be a small, seemingly inconsequential piece of a much grander tableau – just like you.

The Big Payoff

Team building activities for charity are about taking small, seemingly miniscule steps toward the completion of a project with a nobler purpose. Amazingly, the bigger payoff is usually intangible. There’s an almost palpable change in the atmosphere; a subtle shift in relationships. There’s a right-on-the-tip-of-your tongue “something” that’s different about your colleagues, the way they interact, what they understand about themselves, and what you come to understand about yourself.

A Big Picture Holiday Workshop is not just another one of those team building activities for charity. It’s a one-stop shopping spree where you collect everything you need to make the holidays happier for a deserving member of the community, improve in-house work relationships and feel good about being there.

Charity Team Building: Did You Ever Know That You’re a Hero?

It never fails: we all gasp and grieve at reports of holiday fires when hard working families lose everything but the clothes they’re wearing, and it seems much worse precisely because it happens during the holiday season. It’s a relief to know that emergency response teams stand ready to help such unfortunates, but wouldn’t it be great if you could do something to help, too?

Well, you can! You and your company can partner with firemen and emergency volunteers in your community to become a kind of “auxiliary” first-responder.

How? The Rescue Buddies™ Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop, a charity team building event that will make a life-changing difference in the lives of a needy family and yours as well.
Charity Team Building: Did You Ever Know That You're a Hero?

 The Stuffing Dreams Are Made Of

Imagine how heartsick parents feel watching all their worldly possessions go up in flames. No Christmas tree and no presents for their children to open. Technically, it may not be the end of the world, but that heartbroken family probably feels that way.

Stuffing a Teddy bear into a bag may seem too little to offer after such a horrific family tragedy, but to a traumatized child, it can provide a wellspring of comfort and hope that will keep on giving long after the holidays are over. Know what that makes you? A hero! In the eyes of a grateful child, you’ll be as important as Santa Claus!

 Creating Memories and Building Relationships

Now multiply that child’s joy by the number of people on your corporate team, and you’ll have a treasure trove of holiday memories that will last a lifetime. Through the Rescue Buddies™ Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop you’ll not only partner with local firefighters and other first responders, you’ll partner with your colleagues as well, getting to know each other on a whole new level.

Consider planning a charity team building activity that will help bring comfort to a deserving family this holiday season. It’ll be the best investment of your time, talents, and heart you’ll ever make. Happy holidays!

Three Ways Team Building Can Brighten Your Holiday Season

If Halloween is almost here, it often feels like it might as well be New Year’s Eve.  The holiday season moves that fast.  With family gatherings, festive parties and gift giving galore, October to January can feel like a blur.  One easy way to make sure that you enjoy the holiday celebrating instead of feeling overwhelmed is to plan ahead.  This is as true for your work life as it is for your personal life.  Check out these three reasons that team building events can be a perfect fit for your work team this holiday season: Read more


Holiday Team Building: When You Need An Event To Vent

Can you believe it? It seems like you just finished the last piece of that Valentine’s Day candy and you’re already staring down the double-barrel of another holiday season. Where did the summer go? Better question: are you ready for another round of office parties, embarrassing office gift-swapping conundrums, a new fiscal year and a whole new set of corporate goals?

If you’re feeling like you can’t take much more, you may need an event to help you vent your frustrations. Solution: a holiday team building activity. It can restore your sanity, your faith in humanity, and be lots of fun, too.
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Holiday Team Building Activity: Thankful Giving at Thanksgiving

A few deep, embarrassing belches, satisfied sighs and happy bellies stuffed with turkey – and it’s over. Every year millions of well-intending citizens donate turkey dinners to needy families at Thanksgiving and that’s great. But is it really enough? After one huge meal – and a few leftovers – what have they got to show for these acts of generosity? Wouldn’t it be great to donate something that will last beyond the Thanksgiving Day feasts and football frenzy? A holiday team building activity is about legacy building and what better time to start than Thanksgiving?
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Why Charitable Team Building Is a Great Theme for the Holidays

Charitable team building can help spice up your holiday season!

When it comes to holiday team building, most people imagine the same boring party at the office being held at the end of the year. However, this is not how things should look around your office with the holiday season around the corner. Do something fresh and exciting this year by getting your team members involved in charitable team building activities they will love and remember for many weeks after the holidays are over! Read more


A Holiday Team Building Workshop Motivates Employees

Reduce stress and boost morale with a holiday team building workshop

A company outing is fun, but it doesn’t offer much for learning new work skills, addressing interpersonal issues, or building employee morale. The holiday season is not built around merriment alone. It’s no surprise that a study conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research for the American Psychological Association indicated that the stress levels of people significantly increase during this time as a result of shopping, preparing for family reunions, and attending parties.

The stress produced by such activities is carried over to the workplace, resulting in short tempers, arguments, and strained interactions between employees. Conducting a holiday team building workshop during this time helps to alleviate that stress, resolve conflicts, and manage employee relations effectively more than at any other time.
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